About Oxercise

Daniel “OX” Hocutt, creator of Oxercise, was a heavy child. By the age of 12, OX weighed well over 200lbs and was the butt of many jokes and endless bullying. Deemed too big or over the weight limit for most youth athletics until high school, where his weight was put to use when he joined his high school football team. There he found weight training and a place where his excessive mass was a plus. As an above average talent he moved on to college football and continued to train but remained very heavy at 300 plus pounds.

At the age of 21 he lost his father to a stroke, OX began his transformation from a 330lb man to a 198lb version of himself. Along the way he found a love for the fitness industry and a passion for helping others. OX became a NASM personal trainer with a dream of one day obtaining his current credentialing of NASM Master Trainer. Over 20 years later, OX has worked with many individuals to help them achieve their fitness goals. Along the way he has put his gift of art to work with the creation of the Oxercise logo that can be found all over the world. This symbol represents his client’s goals and aspirations combined with his knowledge of fitness and compassion for others co-mingling to form the Ox head logo.

To some it is just another logo but to those that know OX, it’s his way of saying, “I’ve been there, I understand, and together we will make things happen!”. In conjunction with his daily social media question, “Have you trained today?”, the Oxercise brand also represents motivation, accountability, and a very stylish way of saying, “I can accomplish anything!”

oxhocutt@yahoo.com (919) 270-7867 PO Box 21701 Saint Simons Island, GA 31522